What do You Want?

So, if we all want the same thing, why are some of us killing people to get what they want and others are preaching love and some actually practicing compassion? Others are hanging out in Hollywood and then there are those of us who devote ourselves to service in helping or saving others (or the ecosystem). And let’s not forget wall street and politics. Surely everyone must be on a different path, right? Surely you can’t say we activists are no different from the killers!

090818Cloud_dsc2745PathsIndeed, everyone is different. I’m saying we all WANT the same thing. We who are working so very hard are all working for the same goal, the killers and the activists, the holy and the Hollywood, but most of us will not arrive at that bright and shining goal no matter how much we and others admire what we are doing with our lives. I am saying we won’t get there because we wouldn’t recognize “there” if we were sitting right on the lap of the Buddha (or whatever is our chosen symbol). We don’t even know what the goal is, but we are spinning our wheels trying to get it. We believe what we believe because of what other people admire — not because of the goal itself.

Do your friends admire machismo? Watch your chest swell.

Do your friends admire pitiful self-sacrifice? Watch it shrink.

Friends? If y’all were really friends in this rich country you would be talking together about where you honestly want to take your life and how to get there, and if your discussions are logical and emotionally honest, and NOT exclusionary, I bet you will get to that shining goal. and when you cruise into view the first surprise will be the faces of some of your enemies who also made it through the cultural obstacle course.

But not unless you know what the goal is. What do you want? Really?