Town Hall Meeting

I wish we could have a real town hall meeting here in Texas, but I don’t think we know how. The whole point of town hall meetings is to discuss the issues that affect the entire community and arrive at a solution that will provide the best solution for the community — not what is best for “me” and certainly not what is best for whoever is spreading the lies. Presumably that would be either the insurance companies or just some people who like to make other people upset.

090810_dsc2689sI do know people are listening to and believing the lies (lies are statements that can easily be proven wrong by, for example, reading the proposed legislation) from the few conversations that I had at this meeting. I did not encounter anyone who was lying to me, or hostile, but listening is another matter, and a town hall meeting where nobody is listening to anyone else is pointless, isn’t it. We are not at a town hall meeting to convince everyone else that we are right. That would be impossible because nobody is completely right about everything.

The whole point of a town hall meeting is together to figure out what IS right for this community at this time. We meet together to share our knowledge, because a bunch of people with different skills and information together know more than any one person or group. And we don’t need Chet Edwards to do that. The minute we establish a true community consensus he will be listening and we will all have a common goal toward which to work individually and collectively. Or probably I should say we already do have a common interest and the purpose of the Town Hall meeting is to find it. Not to blame someone else because they won’t do what we want them to.

If we care about the future of our children we will listen to other people who also care about the future of our children and who understand things we do not understand. Nobody knows everything, but we really do all want the same thing, those of us who care about the children. By the time a real town hall meeting is finished everyone knows more than when it began. The value of a town hall meeting is to concentrate all the knowledge of the whole group into a decision-making activity.

If we only care about winning there is no value to it at all.

Who Knew?

The news today is wonderful:

If you eat real food you have 80% greater chance of being healthy!

If you breast feed your baby you have a 60% better chance of avoiding breast cancer!

Nobody seems to wonder what about the baby, but I guess that was the first advertising fiasco 50 odd years ago when the baby food makers convinced a huge percentage of mothers to NOT breast feed their babies because their baby food is better for them than mother’s milk?? We believed that? Yes we did. Until a lot of the babies got sick.

That’s not even to mention the recent scientific discovery that smog is bad for you!

Anyone whose life is not tied up with the television already knew all those things.

God made people; advertisers did not make people, nor did scientists.

Do you believe all the stuff you hear on TV? Let’s take two examples. Global warming. Health care reform. Do you believe whatever feels good — or whatever the advertisers tell you — or would you rather pass on a better world to you children.

That would require that you think seriously about what you believe.