Evolution is Real

What is the difference between a word and a real thing?

The biggest difference is that people make up words. People do not make the reality of how the universe functions, or how the ecosystem functions. That kind of reality is imposed upon us by God or by Fate, or whatever we choose to call it it is way far more powerful than us. I don’t know a good word for the giver of reality, but I do know it isn’t me.

Words are not that kind of reality. “Tree” is not a tree, it is a word. I am thinking right now about my favorite tree:090118TGT_dsc8566LSs

I bet my tree is not what you were thinking before you saw the picture. My tree is a reality, and it would be a reality whether or not I were here to see it or say the word tree. Or ki. Or arbol.

That’s why we have the word “theory.”

A theory is an idea that we humans have that we hope is a reality but it will take some time to prove it. If we are doing science, we have some ways to prove it is not real, and if we try hard for a hundred years or so and we fail to prove the theory is not real, then probably it really is real. If it is real, then it was imposed by God or Fate, because we know we didn’t make it because it is more powerful than we are.

So. Here are some words for you.

“Theory of X-Inactivation.”

“Theory that the earth is flat.”
“Theory that the earth is round.”

“Theory that the earth circles around the sun.”

“Theory of Thermodynamics.”
Wait, we changed the name of that one. We changed it to the “First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics.”

Because we have a word for a thing does not mean it’s a real thing. It also does not mean it’s NOT a real thing. A thing is real or it is not real. Whether or not it is real might have nothing to do with whatever words we use to describe it.

Biological evolution is a change in the gene pool over time. Whatever we name it has nothing to do with whether or not it is real. We can prove it is real. You can prove it for yourself. Easily. So why are we arguing over the words we use to describe the reality? “Theory of Evolution”? Evolution is one of the laws of God or Fate, like the laws of thermodynamics and gravity. The earth ecosystem could not exist without those realities because whoever set it up that way – that’s how they set it up.

Realities are good things to know about – so why are we wasting our hot air arguing over words when we could be learning about the realities of God? Or whatever made it all work to give us life.