Scientific Breakthrough!

For at least the last 20 years, medical technology has been wringing its hands and moaning about the “asthma epidemic.”

For at least the last 20 years it has been completely obvious that smog causes asthma. At least it was completely obvious to this scientist. So someone has finally studied the connection between smog and the childhood asthma epidemic.

Surprise! Smog causes asthma. Of course it was NOT someone in the USA who studied it, which makes me wonder who has been holding the hands of the American medical technologists for all these 20 years, but why do we need scientific studies to see things that are completely obvious?

It won’t go away because we don’t want to see it. Or is it our system of education (by television) that wants us to not know so those people who run all the asthma ads can sell more and more of their asthma treatments. Wouldn’t it be better to cure the CAUSE of the asthma?

Now – when do you suppose someone will investigate the link between smog and obesity? I know what it does to me; surely I am not the only person who gets butterflies in her stomach, in smoggy conditions, that are alleviated by eating.