How Can we Get What we All Need?

First of all, we must fulfill the deepest physiological needs of our own survival — food, water and air. These are provided by the ecosystem. Therefore, we need to understand the deepest unchangeable biology of the ecosystem. We need to know what the ecosystem requires for its survival.

We tend to believe we are (or at least the scientists are) the greatest power on earth, but in fact the earth itself would not exist as a living thing without the ecosystem. And modern scientists are pretty much the slaves of government and big business, so it is up to the voters to keep all that power under control. If we give it away, we certainly will not end up with what we all need. To do this, we need our personal power.

To develop our personal power, we need to understand the physiology of the ecosystem, and by WE I mean YOU and every other voter.

This is not so difficult in its essence. The ecosystem needs three things to survive:

1. It needs to recycle all the materials that everything is made of — all the things you and I are made of and require for our own survival. That is, food, water and air. And a few other odds and ends.

2. The ecosystem needs energy. Energy is a very strange sort of word, but basically in the ecosystem it means that the things that move and change would not be able to move and change without energy.

3. The ecosystem needs information so it can adapt to changes that happen over time. The information of the ecosystem is the genetic code.

So – of course it’s a lot more complicated than that, but so are you and you can fulfill your needs reasonably well. The point is you CAN understand the needs of the ecosystem and in this era of human power you MUST understand the needs of the ecosystem and think about your own impact upon it, if you are to do meaningful work that will benefit the community of man. And for more information we are in process of writing a book that faces real facts in real language.

Second, we need to understand the deepest unchangeable needs of human instincts, way down below our conscious wants. These are: the need to do work that is of value to the community; the need to live within a compassionate community; and some kind of creative connection with higher reality.

The point of this little essay is this:

If you and a zillion other people spend all your time working at the human level while ignoring the ecosystem level, then you will not succeed in your need to do a work that is of value to the community. You will not win. You will fail. You will be a loser, and if you are very powerful you will be a very big loser and all of us along with you. Because we are truly all in the same boat — and human nature does not have the power to change the nature of that boat.

If you want to live a life of compassionate community, where your work genuinely is of value and you can find rewarding ways to interact with a higher power —

Then you must recognize that the ecosystem is not a subset of human values, the higher power is not human, and we do not create nor can we change the laws of nature. The ecosystem is what it is, and you will have to UNDERSTAND what it is before you can understand how to nurture it. There will be no human values if we continue our abusive relationship with the ecosytem.

Recycling is not enough.

Leaving me to worry about the ecosystem while you worry about human values — that is not meaningful work because your efforts will cancel out my efforts and vice versa. 090827Market_dsc2857FSs

What we Don’t Need

Humans do need compassionate interaction with others.

A “control freak” is a person who believes that he can get the compassionate interactions he needs by using force.

An American most often is a person who believes he can get the compassionate interactions he needs by being a winner.

Control freaks, most Americans by the nature of our culture, and all winners pervert their/our compassionate relationships into win/lose battles or competitions. The fact is that nobody ever wins. Winning and losing are artificial human ideas. Nobody ever really gets to the head of the line because there is no head of the line. Life is not linear. We make it seem to be linear by shutting our eyes and ears to the parts of it that we don’t want to think about. Life is communal.

We will not understand how the brain functions by tearing it apart. We will not understand how the ecosystem functions by tearing it apart.

We would get along better in the ecosystem if we examine the communal nature of life. Rather than devote our lives to the creation of enemies and victims, in the name of “winning” it would be better for our children if we work to build a compassionate community of people striving for a common goal.

But, you say, nature is all about winning!

And I will ask you where you got that idea, because I am certain you did not get it from studying the reality of nature. I suspect you got it from some person who enjoys abusive relationships and is looking for an excuse to make this OK. Nature is not all about winning. First, what do we mean by “nature?” Usually we mean the ecosystem, because that is where we live and breathe and have our being. The ecosystem is not all about winning; the ecosystem is all about balanced interactions. If ever we can learn that simple fact, human kind might be able to survive upon this earth with our true needs fulfilled.

Food, water and air, as is generally true of living creatures.
Compassionate interactions
The certainty that our work is of value
Creative communication with reality.

Taking Off

In addition to food, water and air, every person needs the same three things:

090828Benicia_dsc2918LSs1. We need compassionate interactions with other people.
2. We need to know that the work we do is worthwhile to our communities.
3. We need a soul connection with our creativity.

If people are deprived of positive ways to get these things, then they will invent them, and the unnatural inventions are likely to be negative. Addictions, violence, you know the sorts of things.

If we seriously want our country to endure, we will all work hard together to fulfill the basic needs of all our citizens. It only makes good common sense.

C’est la Vie


Reality IS. We are what we are no matter our headlines.

And the Next Step Is?

Belt tightening.

Up till now I have been trying to provide at least symbolic support to various groups of well intended folk whose goals are similar to mine, even though — if one analyzes the problem and the actions — it’s pretty clear they haven’t got the foggiest chance of success. The idea was that in a time when there are so many people with hostile and harmful intentions, good intentions are enough to be worthy of support.

From now my view will be to avoid donating time or money to projects that have little chance of success. This was the genesis of my “toxic tolerance” blog several days ago. They wanted more money. Sadly I decided against supporting an organization that is so dedicated to their own mind set that they can not accept donations of expertise from a field outside their own.

For quite a different reason I’ve now dropped a different group. First they wanted me to tell Obama to stop global warming and today they want me to tell Obama to stop hurricanes. I swear — that’s what they said. If it wasn’t what they meant I will never know, because there is not much point reading further than a headline that is that far out of touch with reality.

I’ll keep my hard-won dollars in my own jeans.

And the New Job Is?

090826Airport_dsc2794SsMy new job begins in one of the more comfortable seats on the plane, flying over a whole country gone mad with people who are trying desperately to “save the world,” despite their primary source of education by television propaganda — and a really quite good glass of Merlot courtesy of “my new best friend,” who seems to actually understand the real problems we face.

A sigh of relief — no longer am I required to spend my research time trying to figure out who did what with which molecule and what difference does it make anyhow in a world gone mad with humanitarians who actually believe they can change mother nature by doing a better job of what caused the problem in the first place.

But it was good, the mouse book. It payed the bills for “Outside the Circle,” and “Outside the Circle” taught me the prologue to meaningful communication about the difference between measurable facts, make-believe and propaganda. And the ways these are manipulated by power brokers. And the words to say what is true.

That’s my job.

If other people do their jobs, we will make it. If not, we can say that my honor was worth the sacrifices.

What’s your frame?


I cleaned up everything at the Studio and went to the ranch with the new computer, forgetting that the new computer won’t hook up to the land line without that $30 3-inch attachment, and I have fired Hughesnet for cause. (If you can find anything else that works, don’t sign up for Hughesnet.) So of course when it was time to RUSH to the computer to get to the front of the internet line of boarding passes I had to RUSH back to the studio, plug in the gadget, access the internet, get my boarding pass, print it out, return to the ranch, shear the sheep, feed the horses, clean myself up and

090825Airport_dsc2792SsIt is a good thing that I leave a day early for morning flights from Austin. Because when I got here that boarding pass was missing AS WAS the confirmation number that I need to get another one.

Folks — it only costs a few dollars more to use a travel agent.

The problem was the telephone. There is not a telephone on earth that will do what I tell it to do. Maybe I should ask nicely. But this nice Quality Inn by the airport is always helpful. Finally the manager dialed the number on his own cell phone, the travel agent sent me my confirmation, I downloaded another boarding pass and I feel very sure right now it is in my new wallet.

But where did I put the wallet?