is on hiatus for two weeks, until August 1, for the purpose of getting a very factual book to the publisher. The book is The Colors of Mice, about pigmentation genetics, publisher Wiley.

P.S. Don’t ever try to write a factual book. You have to get all the facts right. It’s so much easier to just make things up.

P.P.S. As soon as this one is finished we will begin writing another factual book on the subject of Biology for the People. It will describe the interacting streams of energy, materials and information that are necessary for the ecosystem to function, and it will describe the LOGIC of how the whole thing works — it will not be a list of facts that we ask you to believe just because we are — ahem — SCIENTISTS!! The ecosystem does make sense and we need to understand it as best we can. It is, after all, our only home.