That’s Not How it Works

Most people believe that they have an important role to play in their communities, and if they do it very well — and if everyone else does their job very well — then it will all add up to a positive result.

Everyone positively contributing will add up to a positive result.

It doesn’t work that way, because different people have different ideas of what is positive. I believe that fighting wars only makes more fighters to make more wars. Other people believe their children’s deaths in war are a great sacrifice that will bring peace. If I work harder and harder to stop them from going to war, and they work harder and harder to force other people to stop attacking us — that does not end up with a positive result. It also doesn’t end up with “survival of the fittest,” but I already discussed that a couple of days ago, so let’s stick with this idea.

If everyone devotes his/her life to promote whatever he/she believes to be right — we will not go anywhere for two reasons:

1. Nobody will be asking the right questions. Important problems are big, and individual efforts are not big. It takes many people with different skills to understand all sides of a big problem.

2. Whatever you are doing is inhibiting whatever I am doing and vice versa.

What is the better solution?

1. Assume that each group has a good reason for what they believe. Find out what that reason is;

2. Recognize that every reason is valid but it is only part of the picture;

3. Add up all the REASONS for the actions until we ALL have a bigger picture of the real big problem and can together find a better way to solve it by understanding the root cause of the problem finding solutions that do not make the problem worse.Anne-PhotoJuneimg_0094LSs

This is the difference between working at the lower level of understanding and working at a higher level of understanding. Working at lower levels is divisive; working at higher levels is more powerful (as the corporations have demonstrated) but you must be very careful that what you are working to do is to address the problem — not to make it worse (as the corporations have also demonstrated.

If you want to know how evolution REALLY works, it does not primarily work at lower levels by picking out individual organisms and letting them survive. Evolution works at a higher level than the individual. Evolution selects entire populations that are able to deal effectively with the real problems of living in a balanced way within the living ecosystem.

Evolution is a population thing. Either the whole population survives or it doesn’t. Rather like an economic crash, an evolutionary crash decimates the entire population, even if the crash was caused by only a few individuals.

Our whole population of humans can not be “fit” in the evolutionary sense, unless we learn to understand the whole problem that we are trying to fix and then make our decisions according to the foundational cause of the whole problem. Instead of fighting among ourselves over the symptoms.

That would be real survival of the fittest. Evolution is not about survival of the fittest individuals. It is about a whole gene pool (that is all the people together) that can function positively. In that population, as we have human brains, our solution must be:

1. To listen to each other until we understand all sides of the issue(s) so that individuals can choose (or not) to spend their time HELPING without making things WORSE. So long as we don’t understand the whole problem, we don’t know if we really are doing more help or more harm;

2. To use the media for real education, that would be sharing the factual realities that make up the problem and stop training our children to be emotionally unfit for social interactions. Teach them how to listen, learn, and share different ideas.

Photo by Anne Preston