“Sustainable Growth”

The entire organization of the earth ecosystem is devoted to the necessity of maintaining the balance that is required of life. Just as our own physiology requires that all the components remain in balance (or we die – ask any good doctor) so the ecosystem must maintain its balance. All of life requires balance, and the ecosystem is the largest life form.

Continual growth is not balance; it is not sustainable; it can result only in disaster to the economy and the ecosystem; and it is touted routinely as the ideal. If you count the mentions on TV you find that growth is promoted even more more often than violence and always in positive terms.090607TGT_dsc1666Ss Just as I believed because I wanted it so much, but against all common sense and evidence, that M’Donna was pregnant, similarly the American culture is based in and firmly believes in the myth that growth is good for our selves and our ecosystem.

There is no such thing as sustainable growth — there is no evidence for it — we believe only because we want it to be so..

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