Another Fake Debate, Pro-Life

As Teddy analyzes in his blog, the “debate” over pro-life and pro-choice would seem to be almost entirely artificial, based in words rather than facts. It clearly is not based in reality.

The reality is that balance among all the myriad elements of life on earth, including death, is the only way that LIFE can sustain itself, and I have to believe the Creator wanted to create sustainable LIFE. Growth is not sustainable. Humans, by our growth fetish, in both economic and population terms, are truly threatening LIFE, that is, ALL of life as we know it.

God created death so that life might exist. Our problem is not to defeat death; if we defeat death, we will destroy life on earth as we reproduce like mice in a cage with no place to go. Our problem is to maintain our honor in our relationships with both life and death. What we are doing now is saving people with our left hand and killing them with the right. That is one way to maintain balance, but I question if it is either ethical or honorable.

If God created LIFE, then he created life as the earth ecosystem, a network of checks and balances within which excess growth leads to destruction. That’s the way it is; that’s the way it works; who is to claim that God made a mistake?

Truly ethical people do not argue over fake debates; they discuss issues with a goal to reach a humane understanding of the larger problems faced by human kind and the many possible ways to resolve these problems to bring maximum benefit to all of LIFE. As God created it.090607TGT_dsc1653Ss