And the Earth Shudders

This old earth, the ecosystem, the whole universe, is all about balance. (That’s not just my opinion, read up on physics, biology, or just think about it.) If it were not in balance, it would not exist. Out of balance is not sustainable.

Earth ShuddersLFlats

If I knew how, I would make this picture into an animation that shows the earth yanked back and forth by us — by what we want. We don’t want balance. We want to win; we want someone else to lose. We want either-or. Right-wrong. Fear-hate. Nothing in-between. We want to fight it out and win.

We try so hard. But the harder we try, the more we throw the whole system out of balance. Because in-between is where that sustainable balance point can be found. Between winning and losing, between right and wrong, between good and bad. It’s where the love lives. We will never find the sustainable good life until we start to live in balance. So easy. So sad.

The Glass Half Full

090520TGT_dsc1133sThe glass half full is equally as wrong as the glass half empty. Why? Because the only sustainable reality on this living earth is balance.

The glass half full refuses to look at problems that must be solved if we are to build a sustainable culture.

The glass half full will be blindsided by the negative realities it refuses to recognize.