Leadership Training

I have taken three courses in leadership training for women.

All three of them were all about how to be good followers.

I suppose it’s a good thing to know about the system, if you want to follow where they want to lead you. Everyone understands everyone else. You just get better and better at doing whatever your culture wants you to do. The military of course is the best example. Twenty years of followership training and – hmmmmm.

My problem was the system changed so fast I never figured out what it wanted. (I remember when there was NO TELEVISION and the radio was a new, huge piece of furniture that dominated the living room.! Ahhh, Gasp.) And so I just had to try to get what I wanted without paying attention to all those ever-changing instructions on how to do it. Probably that was good luck.

But if you do manage to figure out what the system wants from you and become a good follower, what do you get in return? Do you get what they want or do you get what you want?

I guess it depends what you want, but it’s worth thinking about.