Revkin Sounds so Cool – Must be Nice

EarthSo Andrew Revkin wonders if more food will simply boost population.

I give up.

We’ve been doing that for about three or four thousand years (including the green revolution, which I remember vividly). What’s to analyze? Does he believe we are likely to STOP doing it, sort of spontaneously? What natural law would that represent? Magic? Or something? And then he does some analysis. Enough analysis already, enough exploration, why don’t we just talk together like real people.

What is difficult about this concept?

If we make/save more people, there will be more people than there were before.

The only difference between now and 4,000 years ago is that we have run out of space to grow enough food to feed all the people.

It’s not rocket science, the only question is what we decide to do about it. Here are some of the alternatives that are already in the game:
Epidemic (OK we missed this time, it will come)
Killing each other off
Birth Control

Which of these do you want to give to your grandchildren?

You say you don’t like any of those choices and you want what you want, pretty little babies in white dresses sitting in the field of bluebonnets while you take their picture?

Then I guess you will have to find a way to make the earth grow bigger.

Or begin the process of deciding whether we want our grandchildren to live with hatred and fear, or with community and compassion.

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