Make it All Better Daddy

It’s about time for activists to grow up and take some responsibility. This idea of petitioning big daddy, our government, to feed us like a mother bird feeds her nestlings is pretty irritating for those of us who were standing on the sidelines trying and trying and trying to explain that behaviors have consequences. While big daddy was feeding us worms as fast as he could and we were gobbling them up like candy.

I’m not ONLY talking about the antiwar movement, but let’s take that for an example. Where were you while we were desperately trying to prevent the mess we see today? What, hiding under your bed for fear someone would run a plane into your building too? What a bunch of nonsense. If you could see my diary at that time you would find despair over the fact that we have given Osama bin Laden exactly what he wanted — that is, war. Yes indeed, I said as the jet trails filled the sky. Seven years ago. Osama has won.

Where were you when the elections were stolen and the rule of law was trashed and America became an overtly terrorist nation? Pounding your chest like Tarzan in the thrill of making big explosions? Who were you voting for? Or were you voting at all? If not, it’s time to wake up. If you were too young, it’s time to grow up — whatever you were it’s time to grow up. This life is not a computer game, or CSI where the good guys always win.

Petition to end the war?

Like, you crashed your car into a crowd of spectators and – oops – sorry. Send a petition to Washington and tell them I changed my mind. I didn’t mean it. I’m not responsible because my intentions were good. I didn’t realize how drunk I was when I took control of the car.

We are good people.

So whatever happened to anyone else — dismembered, dead, destroyed — it doesn’t matter because we didn’t mean it so it doesn’t count. And we are tired of this mess. Send a petition to Washington and MAKE IT GO AWAY.

We changed our mind.

But we still aren’t willing to take any responsibility for what we have done.

For us — it was only a game. We don’t like it, we really think we can go back and start over.090503redbird_dsc0716lss