Still Harping on About the Facts

090430rice_dsc0640sslsOpinions do not change facts. That’s why I’m not interested in debating opinions. It makes no difference who wins, the facts stay the same.

Debates are better than killing people, but they never solve anything because they are just one-up contests – that is they just cycle around and around depending on who has the best delivery, and they don’t change facts.

And the blogs are mostly screaming contests, purely for the fun of it. Whoever can scream the loudest “wins” the biggest number of hits (and screaming the truth usually gets fewer hits than screaming lies). From that perspective the only way to win is to avoid/prevent meaningful discussion, because if anyone else has a good idea, I “lose.” But if I can yell louder than they can, I will win, and nobody will ever know they were more right than I was. At least not until the dam breaks.

It is possible (and many people do it) to sacrifice our personal life on the altar of our opinions, in the deepest belief that we are working for the good of mankind, and still our opinion can be wrong. It’s better not to take that chance, but first to find out whether or not our opinions are based in factual reality. Because if the opinions are not fact-based (in the sense of real measurable facts like gravity and other natural law that we can’t change) then nothing has been gained, something may have been lost for other people, and for sure one’s life has been lost for nothing. Many people, especially Americans, enjoy that noble-sacrifice/glory game, and for those — they had a lot of fun being miserable, did a little harm, or maybe a lot of harm, and that’s all it came to.

That’s why I don’t sacrifice myself unless I’ve done some research outside of the mainstream opinions. Most of the mainstream is propaganda, meant to get us to pay for something someone else wants, and if it’s bad to waste my life for my own personal opinion, it’s worse to waste it for someone else’s propaganda.