If God Created Life

earthI was an Assistant Professor of biology.  It was interesting to watch the generations of students through the doors, it was sad to see the change of our country from one based in (at least from my perspective) science, religion and ethics to one that favored instead nature study, technology and fundamentalism.  I’m sure that is not fair, but you realize I’m working up to make a point, and the point is not really about religion or ethics.  I just didn’t want to leave them out because our country would be — well, it probably wouldn’t exist without them, and that’s as it should be.  But it’s not what I want to talk about here.

The point here is the difference between science (real science is based in the scientific method and measurable facts) – the difference between that and nature study and technology.  As I watched the students come and go, and more importantly as I saw the changes in the textbooks, I began to realize that science is not taught here anymore (another generalization).  Not in the schools and certainly not on the television, where we do most of our education.

It has come now to the other extreme, that we are trying to solve our problems,that were mostly caused by technology, without understanding the science upon which that technology is based.  Technology is not science.  Technology makes things to use and sell; science studies the fact-based natural law and the physical nature of the created ecosystem in which we live.  There are many realities in this creation; science studies only those that can be measured and studied using the scientific method.

There are people today who do not know that science, logic and religion are different windows on the reality of the ecosystem, and that technology is the child of science and can do NOTHING outside of the natural law that science studies.  There are people today who do not know that there is a difference between an opinion and a measurable fact.

Several years ago I was studying economics using The Teaching Company DVDs, when I realized that they have a plethora of courses on almost every imaginable academic subject except ecology.  I suggested they create a course in ecology, that studies the ecosystem.  Because they declined, and because there is no more important subject in our world today, I have decided to make one myself.  Biology for ordinary people, because it would be a great tragedy to let the benefits of real science just wash right out of our cultural problem-solving kit and then try to solve the problems, that were partly caused by science, using only the tools of logic, ethics, religion and technology.

Trying to solve problems without understanding what caused them or what limits them simply will not work.  If God created life, then the more we understand about the factual realities of life, the better job we can do of it.  The one thing that science does is study the factual realities of the ecosystem using the scientific method.  None of the other disciplines does this.  It is not up to religion or ethics to change reality; nobody can change God’s reality.  The most useful function of religion and ethics is to help us build a compassionate response to reality.

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