Three Cheers for Chip for Recognizing the Problem

Well, y’all, I have only one thing to say today, it is the most important thing I have ever said, and I did not say it:

“Here’s the heart of the matter: We are ecologically illiterate — not just unfamiliar with the necessary scientific vocabulary and concepts, but spectacularly, catastrophically, tragically dumb. Oh yes, some of us now understand that draining those wetlands, clear-cutting the rainforests, and pumping all that CO2 into the atmosphere are self-destructively idiotic behaviors. But when it comes down to how nature itself behaves, we remain remarkably clueless.” Chip Ward on TomDispatch today.


Aren’t we just a wee bit tired of being treated like children? Little fairy stories, meaningless awards to make us feel good, cutsey or rahrah group hugs. I mean all of that is fine for fun and pleasure, but when do we get to use our brains for a real purpose?? Like to benefit the tribe?

Never if the media have anything to say about it.

I wonder why that is?

Definition: A displacement activity is something we do to pacify ourselves when we can’t do what we were meant to do. Like a tiger, pacing in a cage.

Courtesy of Michael Greenwell.