And The Winner Is –

I’m sure you know from your grammar school experience that there is a difference between real winners and fake winners. The real winner is the person who has the most real knowledge about whatever situation he has decided to address. The real winner has studied the issue from all perspectives.

He doesn’t get caught by the “debate scam, that is two points of view provided by someone who doesn’t want us to think about the third (real) one. He studies ALL sides (and there are always at least three sides to every problem, usually more). Nobody can tell hime what to think.

He doesn’t read books on “his” side of the issue; he already knows his side. He goes across the aisle in the bookstore to learn about the other points of view, and I mean digging through the garbage they are talking about looking for the bits that are true and useful. If, for example, there are three sides to some problem, you can be sure that each side knows some useful, real fact(s) that the other sides don’t know or don’t want to think about. Our winner digs out these real, useful facts from all the points of view, and narrows them down to their core until he knows more than anyone else on any side of the controversy.

He’s set himself up to be a real winner. He knows more than anyone else, and he has created for himself more options.

Our personal power, that is the power to control our own lives, arises directly from the number of options we can see and understand.

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