Ask New Orleans

Why would we prefer to ARGUE without facts, rather than check to see if real facts are available.

When the issue is hurricanes — or global warming — or overpopulation — whatever we believe will only change one thing, and that is how we behave. Either we face the facts — or we don’t.

Opinions about facts do not change the facts. Gravity exists, hurricanes exist, global warming exists, overpopulation exists. We can not make-believe these kinds of things away, and the whole point of science (not technology, but science) is to KNOW what are the facts so we can find a way to survive. The function of politics should be to respond to known reality in a way that will bring the greater good to the greater number of people. That’s the only power that politics or technology actually have.

Politics and technology have no power to change facts; only how we respond to them.

Ask New Orleans.

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