College Station TEA Party

090415tea_dsc0391sThere was a TEA party at Veteran’s Park in College Station, Texas. I arrived about half an hour late, which was just when they were beginning, and left a couple of hours later. The crowd filled the venue. I don’t know how many that is, maybe about 300. People came and went. I heard speeches by a world war II veteran who talked about what it was like when he (and I) were growing up [God, abortion (he evidently doesn’t remember that part), marriage (required for women) and the right to bear arms, which prevented the Japanese from attacking us]. He also suggested they handled their depression better, and it was a better depression, with 25% unemployed, and we handled that fine. He and I both regret that the culture in which honor was one of the highest values, that is the culture he and I grew up in during and immediately following WWII has been lost to us.

Then we had a to-the-point talk from Rob Curnock, who “almost beat” Chet Edwards in the last election. Mr. Curnock suggested that Chet Edwards is a celebrity puppet of Nancy Pelosi. The most commonly used pejorative term that I heard was – “Nancy Pelosi.” He also said: “We are in the majority,” but I’m not sure which “we” he was referring to. There was not one person of color in the crowd, and it seems like there must be some colorful Republicans in this community. There were many happy, polite and well behaved children under high school age, their parents and grandparents, and a large group of boy scouts. Very few other young working men or women. Another speaker came on board and began by telling us of his service in a muslim country, which makes his qualifications with regard to muslims greater than those of Obama (didn’t Obama grow up in a Muslim country??). So it was pretty boring. No new thoughts or ideas. So I left.

090415tea_dsc0388sThe bottom line, it seems like what they want is things to be like they were 30 years ago. They don’t like Nancy Pelosi or her relationship with Chet Edwards or the bailout bill. They didn’t say what they do like except the freedom to express their opinions and the right to bear arms.

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