Woman Power

090413-Easter Monday

So we were sitting around the table talking about siblings and Margie said something like she was not especially excellent in any particular discipline.

090412easter_dsc0350lsWe decided she is the world’s most imaginative creator of amusing trouble-making.

But then I started thinking. Margie created a whole lot more than trouble. Without her, Ken would not have:
Anne, Joannie
Craig, Q
And my take-home Easter dinner in his refrigerator.

I might never have:
Gotten my ears pierced;
Spent several years shortly after enforced integration driving around the deep south in a van with New Age sayings painted all over it — before there was New Age. And as a result learned the real meaning of discrimination.
Managed to not give up the struggle to force the U. to admit women faculty equally.
Gotten up the nerve to get on the plane to Japan.
Written any of my books.
Learned how to hug.

090412easter_dsc0352rabbit3sAnd that list is just for starters.

Margie is an amazing woman.

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