Happy Easter Buttermilk Pie


Easter eggs anyone?

Chocolate mice?

Real mice?

Who’s Creation is This? (I know I didn’t make it.)

Sky-watching is not easy in big sky country. You keep swiveling your head around this way and that till the neck begs for mercy. So it’s convenient to lie on one’s back to not miss anything.

About 20 minutes later the horses noticed, with alarm, my prostrate body out in the middle of the pasture where it didn’t belong, and rushed to investigate.

090410tgt_dsc0323sDid you know? Horses stand with their heads hanging over their foals as the babies sleep. If one of the herd is sick or down, they cluster around and do the same. And there was I, with my head more or less between Postdoc’s front legs, looking up at M’Donna’s enormous pregnant belly. I know they think of me as one of the herd, so I was not concerned until Postdoc started to “protect” me from the other horses, which involved snapping at them over my body, and it occurred to me how delicate is my head compared with a horse’s hoof. Everyone makes mistakes.

And then I remembered her mother. I could sleep in Doc’s stall, and I did, many times. She was as careful as if I had been her own baby.