New Day

Today dawned under a dusty blue sky decorated with wispy pink clouds. The front blew over about an hour later, the front edge yellow-orange, the following clouds in shades ranging from charcoal to silver Cadillac. Churning and roiling in the wind. The little birds scattered for cover and Buttermilk Pie headed for the front door. The buzzards rose up from their nest behind the oak trees and coasted down the front, again and again, like eight-year-old kids sliding down a banister until, about in another hour. Crisp blue cloudless Yankee air took over.

090403buzzard_dsc0186ss1I stood in he wind-whipped pasture, turning and turning, trying to see 360 degrees all at the same time – in awe of the power that brings life to our relatively small bit of space rock. Wishing that everyone could know this Creation.

The buzzard, she is my neighbor after all, dipped her wings to me.

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