Green Locavores

Locavores is a word based on another word, omnivore, that describes eating habits of animals that eat both vegetable and animal foods. Humans are omnivores. Some humans are locavores.

090403glbt_dsc0157sLocavores dedicate time and effort to eating locally grown foods, especially if they are grown without use of toxic chemicals and artificial fertilizers. This is a very healthy eating style, if done well, and at the same time healthy for the local economy and the local environment. See the link to Simple-Green-Frugal on this web site. Our locavores’ web site gives some recipes of the foods they served yesterday at First Friday Evening of the Arts. I expected good, but was surprised by delicious. I was willing even to pass up chocolate chip cookies for that thing on the little toothpick. I guess I’ll have to go to the web site to find out what it was.