Not so Random Thoughts

I started this blog to pick apart the sneaky little power ploys that people and organizations use to get what they want — and the honorable options that are available to the rest of us who don’t wish to be sneaky and also don’t want to be hornswoggled.

But when I see issues rise up, such as the limits of sustainable productivity of the earth — over which we have no power — and we are behaving as though we do — I get side-tracked, It seems important to mention the fact, because that’s like setting out into a hurricane with nothing more than a little bit of a sailboat.

And while we are dealing with that, and starvation, and AIDS and war and a few other significant little problems, it appears the media can’t find anything substantive to talk about and are again inventing things to get excited about. “Cable News Stokes Political Fever” (David Carr).

Makes no sense.

Not that I think we need to get excited about anything; I think we should discuss our problems like sensible people, with the aim of solving them.

But in the meantime I’m slacking off a bit today because I want to squeeze in some biology lessons from time to time, and biological fact is not as easy to write as my opinion about what we should talk about. I already wrote about energy; tomorrow I’ll cover green plants. The shortest biology textbook in history. I think that leaves evolution and ecology for future exercises. Then the quiz.

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