I think of God as the most powerful force in the universe, or at least the most powerful force on earth — well, not the most powerful force on earth because if God is God, then He must have dominion over the earth. Then that would have to include gravity, wouldn’t it, and the sun. And the moon. The solar system at least. Probably if I were a physicist I would learn that the solar system can not exist without the rest of the universe. It seems like The Creation must be the whole thing, the whole universe, because any part of the physical world could not exist in the way it is existing without the other parts. I think that’s what Einstein loved about the whole big beautiful construct. All the systems and all the “laws of nature” and all of everything is like one humongous internet with every part interacting with every other part.

I think of God as the most powerful force in the universe.

Some people believe that God IS the power of the universe. I don’t know, but I couldn’t prove they are wrong. The important thing to remember here is — that is not me. I am not the most powerful force in the universe. I don’t know even as much as Einstein knew, and he died. Also it is not you and it is not the President of the United States of America. I think we have recently learned what happens to individual people, nations and the ecosystem when we forget that human people are not God.

I think we need to find a more effective way to contribute to the welfare of human kind. Better than trying to beat God at His own game, because we already know who will win that fight. So maybe it’s not better and better fighters that we need. But — what else can save us? Don’t we need more power and yet more power to win this battle with the universe? Isn’t that what all the hot air coming out of DC, not to mention Austin, is all about?

Wait — we can’t win a battle with the universe, so why do we keep trying? Is there any other way that we could survive here where we are? Let’s think about it. Who in all of human kind knows how to get along in a world where they are not the most powerful thing around?

Women (well, not so much any more, we won the “equality” fight).

Minority peoples and populations.


Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. harvested the Powers of the Weak, and you can go to Amazon and buy an excellent if overly intellectual book on the subject of Powers of the Weak, written by Elizabeth Janeway — not the novelist the other one.

What was that Jesus said about children? I don’t think He meant to turn them loose upon the earth with no supervision — no education. If I am honest, I must believe that God gave us this amazing brain to learn about the science, and the beauty and the ethics and the religions that all are trying to understand His universe. I think God would want us to teach the children about all His disciplines.

Maybe He just didn’t think fighting and “winning” is the answer to our problems.  Maybe He wanted us to grow a more compassionate system.