Here I was in the middle of writing something really important about global warming, and it seems what is warming up faster is some silly games about evolution.  Dominance games of course.  They have little to do with either religion or science.

For religion, you probably believe that God created the universe.  Are you telling me that you know exactly when and how he did this?  I mean — you are as smart as God that you understand everything about Him??

Well, I am a biologist/scientist, and I am not as smart as God and I do not understand everything about him, but I do know that evolution exists and also I know that the process of evolution is one of the fundamental realities of nature.  I mean it is now, and there is no doubt whatever about that.  Not only we can see it and measure it — we can also do it and we do it all the time.

So the question becomes — did or did not God create nature?

I don’t know the answer to that, and frankly I don’t very much care because I know that nature exists and I exist, and I don’t think it’s my job to second-guess God.  I also know the question has nothing to do with science.  Science is the study of measurable facts using the scientific method and it was invented by human people.

So maybe God created the earth and  I’m sure he did it however he thought was the best way.

Can anyone explain what we are fighting about?  I mean other than  what person has better words  than what other person?

Or do we just like to fight?  That would not be a very Christian attitude it seems to me.

“Faith, hope and love.  And the greatest of these is ”  (surely not fighting).

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