“One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds.  Much of the damage inflicted is quite invisible to laymen.  An ecologist must either harden his shell and make believe that the consequences of science are none of his business, or he must be the doctor who sees the marks of death on a community that believes itself well and does not want to be told otherwise.”
Aldo Leopold


Sturdier Russia Beckons Its Children Home By Clifford J. Levy

The country will not survive that believes it can force nature to conform to its artificial, biologically unsustainable theory of the growth economy.  Paying people to have babies will sell a few diapers and everyone will do fine for ten years or 20 years, but population growth on this earth is not sustainable. Russia would be much better off trying to build a biologically balanced economy and forget about trying to copy us.  The economy can not drive the biology — it is a fairy tale.

Personal Power (lose-lose-lose)

Is it OK to get mad sometimes on this blog?  And just cut loose with capital letters and everything?  You already know I like Bill Moyers program.  I also like Tom Dispatch. But it seems they accidentally ganged up on me this week.  First, Mr. Davis announced — MANY TIMES — on the Moyers show that “nobody saw this (crash) coming.”

I am here to tell you that “this (crash)” does not surprise any ecological or population scientist that I know.  The miracle is that we staved it off for so long.  And then Tom backed him up on his blog.

This is not a political game.  It is a biological reality, and it’s way past time for us to start thinking about how we are going to grow something that IS sustainable, instead of trying harder and harder to do the same thing that physically can not work (that is growth) — and expecting a different result each time.

It’s more than I can stomach without a LOT of capital letters.

March 20, 2009

Letter to :Mr. Mike Davis.
Copy to:  Bill Moyers, Tom Englehart

Don’t say nobody saw this coming — PLEASE — say nobody was willing to listen to the scientists while the economists — and yes the United Nations, prompted by the economists — were forcing us over the edge. AND PLEASE DO NOT CALL ME NOBODY.

I saw this coming 40 years ago, I just prayed it would not be in my lifetime, and imminently coming I saw it ten years ago.  I predicted with certainty, years ago, in letters and emails written to Prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs and other architects of the plan (they responded that they disagreed with me), that the UN ten year plan would fail.

“Sustainable growth.”  Where did they get that idea?  From the economists.  Sustainable growth is physically impossible in a finite space.   Of course the Kyoto protocols will fail.  If half as many people have created global warming, then twice as many people will make more global warming. It is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!!!!

You can’t fit more people on the farm than the farm can grow food for them.  You can’t raise ten horses on five acres.  It’s impossible; they will all die of starvation.  When the bathtub is full, can you add more water to it?  Pardon the mix of metaphors, but IT IS NOT COMPLICATED.  And yet everyone somehow believes — in what?  Magic?

Making more people will not solve this problem; growing the economy will NOT save us — it only makes the economists rich and everyone else hungry. It’s a Ponzi scheme using people instead of money, (people AND money) and it has been obvious to me  (I am nobody) for at least ten years. In evidence thereof, I took my money out four years ago.  But I can not make anyone listen, nor can my scientist friends. Is there any thing more I can say to make you listen?

And ever since ten years I have been screaming into the night, and learning how to pray, because I am forced to watch a preventable, obvious, horrible disaster unfold day after day — and nobody will listen.

It sounds wonderful to save all the babies, we sacrifice to save them, but what life are we saving them for?  Nothing but horror, fighting over limited resources.  When will we learn that we can not have quality of life and quantity of growth, now that we have used up resources?  When will we care enough about the babies to build them a quality of life that is sustainable?  And learn that sustainable, on this earth, does not and never did include “growth.”

When will you stop believing that EVERYBODY consists of you and Moyers and the economists and a few politicians?

Please, God,