Power of the Misdirect

” Mr. Cheney criticized Mr. Obama’s decision to close down the military prison at Guantanamo Bay. Mr. Cheney told CNN that Bush administration counterterrorism policies were “absolutely essential” to prevent a repeat of the Sept. 11 attacks.”  (Helene Cooper on The Caucus)

Now there is a clever attempt to convert the power of reality into personal power!!  🙂

Of course the terrorists will attack again.  They have never stopped attacking.  That’s what crooks do – everywhere.  Not only is our news filled with this reality — so also is our make-believe, all day every day on  TV.  It is a near certainty that every one of us will be violated in some way by some crook somewhere in our lives.  How we deal with that reality separates the cowards from the most of us.  This has nothing to do with Cheney or Obama, but we can be sure when it does happen that Cheney will claim omniscience.

I think it would be better for us all if we simply open our eyes and realize that the world is filled chock full of wonderful people who are struggling every day for what many of us take for granted.  And some people who are not so wonderful.  The deeper the need, the more bitterness will grow, the more likely those who hate will slip over the edge into inhumanity.  I think we should defend outselves if necessary, without destroying our own hard-won ideals or trashing the constitution that makes us the United States of America.  And then get together to see what we can do to help the wonderful people reduce the level of bitterness in this world.

Power of Compassion

090316tgt_dsc9541lss“I’m not expecting the whole world to fall into a daze of compassion.” Said Karen Armstrong on the Bill Moyers show this week. My public broadcasting station once again bumped Bill Moyers, but hooray for podcasting. I urge you to go to Moyers’ website and download the podcast of this week’s interview. Karen Armstrong is a fine religious historian. Her enthusiasm is a joy to watch, and Moyers — an interviewer who knows when and how to listen. Something we all need to practice

As I reported on the sixth of this month, Karen Armstrong has received the TED award, which includes $100,000 and a wish to be fulfilled. Her wish was to gather leaders in the three major monotheistic religions to create a charter for compassion. To begin the process of building a global community where people can live together in harmony. This wish is now being fulfilled on the web, where you can participate, and in the meeting rooms.

The Charter does NOT assume:

* all religions are the same
* compassion is the only thing that matters in religion
* religious people have a monopoly on compassion

The Charter DOES affirm that:

* compassion is celebrated in all major religious, spiritual and ethical traditions
* the Golden Rule is our prime duty and cannot be limited to our own political, religious or ethnic group
* therefore, in our divided world, compassion can build common ground