Asking the Right Question

For the past couple of days I’ve put together some of the things I care most about.

Bitsy.  My friends.  My “ranch.”  The sun setting behind the old oak tree in Texas.  The sun rising behind a fine, great palm tree in Bali.  My friend Sang-tu and his new daughter.  My religion and my science, and the whole great earth.

What’s my point?081219tgt_dsc8105ss

The point is that I’m not interested in politics, nor in manipulating people. Not one bit. I am interested in the factual reality of life on earth, and I can love this fine life at the same time I look at the factual truth straight, flat head on.  And pitch in to help.  Helping is a good thing; people were meant to help; it enriches our lives.

Life is what it is; we can love it and take care of it at the same time.

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