Short term games; long-term losses

If you agree with us about trash-talking (from any source), that: “It sidetracks all the major issues they’re facing.” (Sen. Olympia Snowe). Then we are not alone.  Reported by John Harwood, NYTimes.

The Power of Hype

I’m thankful for Andrew Revkin on the NYTimes blog Dot Earth. His is such a cool and well balanced voice for reality in a time when many people apparently believe there is no difference between real facts and hype.

Obviously, hype is a powerful tool in the arsenal of sales. But will it help us to behave in a way that actually benefits human kind? To know the answer to that question, we probably would need to know some real facts about our mother earth.

More about this tomorrow. Mr. Revkin is apparently gathering some information about the ecosystem, and I also have some thinking yet to do on the question of hype. I’m wondering why we the people want to believe pretty stories about, say, bunnie rabbits, rather than try to understand the wolf that may be at the door. We do this all the time, so I know it’s part of being human, but why? For the children, wouldn’t you think we would want to hear the long-term truth over a temporary lie?