The Search for Human Kind


An article by Natalie Angier reports:  “In the view of the primatologist Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, the extraordinary social skills of an infant are at the heart of what makes us human.”  “Dr. Hrdy wrote her book in part to counter what she sees as the reigning dogma among evolutionary scholars that humans evolved their extreme sociality and cooperative behavior to better compete with other humans.”

Dr. Hrdy believes that the basic qualities that make us human are our capacity to cooperate in groups and to empathize with others.

Maybe that’s why I feel so sad every morning when I read the paper — fighting, winning, debating.  Why? I think we are fighting because we think it’s fun — not because we want to build a better world.  I deeply doubt if we can build a better world by fighting. It takes us nowhere good.  We already know that.

Maybe the Dalai Lama is right.  Maybe the most deeply human quality is compassion.

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  1. […] make the changes that are necessary to bring a good future to human kind is to build the power of compassion and hope until it can no longer be ignored by those who only want to fight, debate and […]

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