Power of Knowledge

“They’re living in their own bubble and they think everyone else is living in the same bubble.” Roger Simon, C-Span, Afterwords podcast 090225



That is so true. It’s why we should travel (not tour, live)  outside our own culture — or go to school away from home — so we can learn to understand that other people are living in bubbles that are different from ours. So we can grow the power to communicate with and thus influence other people.

It seems as though we prefer instead to play, using our politicians as though they were game cocks, literally or figuratively yelling at each other, each from within his own bubble, and we are the audience, throwing our dice and thoroughly enjoying the flying feathers. And so what is the flow of power in this scenario? Around and around and around. The power goes nowhere – is never used to actually solve any problem; in fact, the more problems we create, the more fun we can have.  Feathers flying; not much else happening.  In this scenario, the power of the people is co-opted by the politicians, and the power of knowledge is tossed aside as we never learn anything from anyone else.

Real power to influence other people comes from listening to them, so that we can work together to actually solve real problems.

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