Power to do what?

I just received a local email urging support for the President with the following words:

“The fight to restore our country to its former self has just begun. . . YES WE CAN.”

No we can not. The reality is that we can not restore our country to its former self. We have no power to do impossible things. We would do better to set positive possible goals so that we can focus our energies all in the same direction. Focus our power rather than scatter and diffuse it by attempting the impossible and ending up with something we were not aiming for.

All behaviors have their consequences. Do we claim that we can erase the war and begin again 8 years ago? That we can unkill that Iraqi child whose brother now hates our guts?  We can forget, if it is more convenient for us,  but he will not.  Can we unwaste all that money we gave to Blackwater?

What we have lost is irreplaceable and immeasurable. Either we face facts and go forward or we lose even more. The power lies in moving toward possible goals, not in pretending we can reclaim what we have destroyed.

The effort to accomplish the impossible sometimes spins off useful results, but it is far more efficient to set our sights on positive, possible outcomes. Then at least we know we are moving in the right direction.