Political Power

“I screwed up.” (Pres. Obama)

President Obama had: “a bad week,” said David Stills on Lehrer News Hour, this week on PBS. Apparently this translates into at least a temporary reduction of the political power that Pres. Obama brought with him to the White House.

Mostly the subject of this concern was that three Obama appointees had failed to legally manage their money, most importantly, Mr. Daschle. David Stills stated that Daschle’s withdrawal from nomination as Secretary of Health and Human Services is “not worth it,” that is, the loss of Mr. Daschle is more important (he didn’t say exactly to what) than the values that threaten his appointment.

Indeed this must be a blow to Mr. Obama and his plans. But who screwed up anyhow? It was Mr. Daschle, not Pres. Obama, who failed the test of honor. We just had an eight-year demonstration of what happens when we value efficacy over honesty. It was a disaster.

So it looks to me like honesty really is the best policy. Even if your goal is political power.

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