Bare Bones Biology 312 – Hard Freeze in the Canyon

Hard freeze in the canyon, of course not unexpected because we spent the last two days fairly warm and that seems to be the cycle up here. Warm and overcast for a few days that the weatherman chooses to call sunny, then the sky actually does open to the sun (if available) and loses all the heat that we built up, along with the pollutants, if any, and then the next day, if you have plenty of warm clothing, is glorious.

The big cottonwood fell over the creek while I was gone, cracked into about three pieces, and now I am imagining a dam to go with the little meadow, but of course a dam without water can be a pitiful thing, and a woman without a horse is unlikely to be able to pull that tree around into position. But you never know, there is always Old Silver. It has four-wheel drive, but I would not want to get stuck down here (again) with no phone.

160508-Bloodroot_Pasque-asc_4129RLSVs copyI woke up in the middle of my sleep time surrounded by an odor that I first thought Bitsy had rolled in something, but I think it might have actually been our elk bedded down in our little meadow. I smelled an elk once before – or was it a bear? So dark nights with strange smells are scary and I jumped up with flashlight and bear spray and scrambled to the cabin where I wiped out my supply of electricity to make a cup of coffee (with snack, we do NOT do food in the travel trailer.) I do understand fear; and common sense. But I dashed out into the night anyhow, and we have bears in the night.

Next time I’ll try to wake up before I decide what to do about the situation. I think that is the key to success in any endeavor. Even non-situations such as smells.

And then I stumbled back down to the trailer and slept until the sunshine hit the roof and Bitsy got restless, as she does when she can crawl out from under the covers and find a warm spot against the stucco of the cabin. I angled the depleted solar panels to the rising sun, set up the solar oven that only made it to luke-warm yesterday, and began the process of unfreezing our water supply and setting up for work.

160511-LittleBlueFlower-asc_4143RFs copyMy work, as I said last week, is actually my charitable duty, to stir up the conversation about the ROOT CAUSE of climate change. I believe humans can solve any problem, even global ones, if they will do three things. 1: Decide they want to save the place for their grandchildren; 2: Figure out the cause of the problem – the genuine factual biological cause and not just some bandwagon to jump on. We have already known the cause for a couple of centuries, it is human overpopulation; and 3: Discuss and devise an ethical cure to match the cause.

I do understand fear. I have been afraid of giving seminars all my life but I did it, and it seems to me we are destroying ourselves because we are afraid of honest discussion of reality with our fellow human beings, and this strikes me as unhumanly cowardly from a bunch of people who prefer to think of themselves as heroes riding to the rescue of everyone else. It seems to me, in the event, if a situation exists, the quickest way to get over the fear is to FIX THE SITUATION. Or at least try.

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Bare Bones Biology 311 — Tweet, Tweet

Three things cannot remain hidden for long, the sun, the moon and the truth”

The Buddha


This is part two in our new series on chemical and electromagnetic sensitivity. In Part One we referenced Sound As A Crystal, a much more detailed source of excellent information. Right now, I am just dealing with, from the bottom of the canyon where I am safe, watching the sun peak over the high ridge to the East that makes our sunrises so tardy, and so warm and wonderful to watch in the event, as they trace their way down the Western slope to the creek bed where they spread out in all directions and the canyon breaths in.

It’s awakening. I am watching to the West, where the energy has already arrived. I catch a whiff of — something – behind me and suddenly turn, just as a streak of light invades the cedar grove partway up the East slope, and a cloud passes over, nearly close enough to touch — rippling up a little breeze in its passing. Just as the sun hits, our little wren flutters to the peak of the cabin and begins to sing. A magpie comes to the water dish. The clouds are wispfully growing in a deep blue sky.

160506-CanyonSunriseR-asc_4093Rs copyWhat is that? Smoke blowing out of that cedar grove? Is someone camped up there on Mark’s forty acres? But no. It happens again, right behind my garden space. It is the trees, breathing out — waking up, purifying the air that we all must breathe to stay alive. Breathing in. Breathing out. It is Life itself for me, and I am it. And I am the ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD who can have this experience, because very nearly all of the rest of the world, beginning a radius of about 40 acres from this exact center, is so polluted by chemicals and electromagnetic irradiation, that I cannot live there without feeling more or less sick, and probably neither can you, but you don’t even know it

160506-CanyonSunriseR-asc_4106RLSs copyThis is not a bad place, but it gets pretty cold. Not like Maine, or Siberia, but my body tends to not like anything below freezing, and there is no other source of heat than the sun – maybe we could do wind power to some extent – and I am beginning to think about that. If I were to put in a permanent year-round dwelling on this property, where should I put it?

So I hopped into the car this morning and trolled up and down the road, and sure enough, the cabin is located smack in the middle of the shadow thrown by the cliff as the sun rises in the East. We’ll talk more about the permanent shelter later.

Meantime, I have installed an internet dish that is tolerable – I mean I at least had sense enough to insist on a system in which most of the electromagnetic forces are presumably shielded inside of electrical cords, except for the dish that collects them from some satellite out there and seems to keep them under control. I do not sit in the line of fire of the dish, nor do I spend whole days behind it anymore. And who can, there are weeds to cut, and they grow faster here than I can think about them, and apricot trees to plant.

The internet is here so that I may do my work? My work is trying to activate a discussion among the people – this is a life or death discussion now. It really is. I am well enough educated and informed and sheltered to be healthy and to know exactly what is happening to nearly everyone else, and to the whole Life of Earth, including the human species. And more or less what must be done. Most don’t even notice – they think this suffering is normal, and have not been living this precious human life long enough to recognize the changes.

But my JOB, my internet, is to sing my song: just this one little canary, or maybe a cedar tree, a canary would never make it through the winter, tweet-tweeting in the wilderness:

“You destroyed my healthy world, but you could grow a better one for your children. If you can stop thinking like the corposystem taught you to think. I can tell you how that can be done.”

But the discussion – and the decision – are up to you. Not my problem anymore.

And the event will require an end to pride and competition, and the beginning of meaningful community.

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Is this a test?

Three nonliving levels of organization for example might be:



subatomic particles

Bonus:  quantum particles/waves


More?   Is God living or nonliving?


“That’s the Whole Mystery”

To have the mind submit.  It must serve, not dominate Life.”


Joseph Campbell in conversation with Michael Toms.

Bare Bones Biology 310 – Conclusion

160423-canyon-ASC_4053RLSs copy

“My raw throat is closing, my heart racing, and my head fuzzy from the fumes emanating from my dear friend. She knows I’m very sensitive to chemicals.

“I stopped wearing perfume a long time ago after I found out that it makes some people sick,” she says.

“What do I say?

“What I’m thinking is this:

The fragrance in your laundry products is just as toxic as any perfume you would spray on. In fact it can be even more problematic because there is no way to control the amount of fragrance that ends up on your clothes and it is very difficult to ever get it to wash out. All of your clothes and linens are now drenched in it, so there is no way for you to decide to be “fragrance free” for a day so you can come visit me without making me ill. The companies that sell laundry products have been progressively ramping up the amounts of fragrance in their products because they know that it is not how well the product works that sells it, but how it smells. As a result, the products we have now are far more toxic and irritating than they were in the past. But this has gone practically unnoticed by people like you because you have become so accustomed to living in a cloud of chemical fumes that your sense of smell has become dulled. So you can’t tell that at this very moment your clothes are outgassing enormous amounts of the sick-making fragrance that you think you are not wearing. And now I’m sick.

“What I say is: “Oh well, everything makes me sick now. Don’t worry about it.”

Because I love my friend.”



Why do people behave like this?

I mean how could a best friend ignore the reality that tortures her best friend?

Is it possible that most of the people in our culture who are competent and truly sensitive to others do not listen to their reality because they have been given the placebo of a happy world view that makes sense but is not true — and they lack the courage to face the grief and anger they would feel if they were to open their eyes to the reality and recognize the lie. Or recognize the higher truth that their culture has abandoned them – rather used them to dominate and destroy their best friends in the name of profits. And then twisted the knife by applauding their heroism. “Not using perfume.” Indeed. I do not believe a person can walk around within a cloud of stench and not know it – but I see it every day.

Let’s face it.

160423-Canyon-ASC_4060RLSs copy This is not just a little problem among friends; it’s a way of life in our social system today.

The most obvious behaviors of our social system can be described as “Growth by Domination for Gain.” Most of our heroes, in their efforts to change that abusive system we have created – what they are actually doing in their efforts to change the system — IS growth by domination for personal gain. It is not possible to change growth by domination for gain by attacking it with more growth my domination for gain.

One plus one equals TWO, NOT ZERO.

BUT of course it is a lot more fun being a celebrated hero than trying to understand the commandments of Reality, and trying to reconcile ourselves with the broken promises left to us by our parents’ broken dreams.


It’s happening every day. But words can’t change facts.

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I am looking for this author

Because she has posted the best series I know on the subject of chemical sensitivity. She is not trying to become famous or make money off the suffering of others. She is (was) posting facts, not fiction, fantasy or hype.

And I am just finishing moving my whole life into a canyone where nobody else lives but the turkeys and the elk, in order to not — well really, I was not so down on losing my old body, but the brain? No way.

So here I am now trying to find a way to keep the body warm while saving he brain by getting away from people, and I discover hat EMF can be as bad. Electromagnetic fields caused by all our “wonderful” technologies that have spread the rays all around the planet, except in my little canyon, except for one email dish. Of course, I did know this; I had a compatriot in grad school who studied this, all those many years ago, and was unable to publish it or pursue a career. Nonsense, of course, our technologies are more important than your reality.

I wonder how I can post an article out of Nature onto my Facebook page on he same day that I go to look up Sound as a Crystal to tell her about the new series I’m starting to describe the search for health within the corposystem that only cares for profit. She writes about it so much better than I. I want her to know that she, not the wonderful Nobel-Prize Winning heroine of CRISPR, is working for the deeper welfare of our species.

Simplicity of Wellness indeed. We use technologies to hide the problems caused by other technologies that we created to cover up the previous ones. It doesn’t work to fix anything, only to line pockets. The cure for a problem is to stop doing what is causing it. I want to see how she is now.

But I don’t know where she is or how to reach her.

Bare Bones Biology 309 – Not Again!

I am becoming a fan of Sterno©, the heat in a can system that I’ve been packing around in the truck ever since leaving Texas, where I used it while staying at the Annex because I am very fond of something hot or at least warm to drink in the morning and there is no electricity out there. As you know, mostly I cannot use utilities that burn anything because the fumes make me sick.

160418-ChamaSnow-asc_3959RLSs And please don’t tell me I can burn anything because it is “all natural.” In fact, nearly everything that burns IS natural, from wood to oil to gas to candles, except electricity, which actually does its burning somewhere else and thus does not usually make me sick – unless it’s heating up plastic. Of course plastic came out of the same oil well, and nearly all electric heaters are now made of plastic (how dumb is that?) and it’s getting harder and harder and harder and harder – and I’m holding on to my old metal ones as though my life depended on them. Which it might, depending on whether or not our younger generations ever decides to concern themselves with pollution.


It’s an interesting event, because it’s above zero degrees F, above freezing in fact (F or C) in the daytime, and I am sitting on the back porch in the swirling snow, drinking a cup of hot coffee courtesy of my little can of Sterno and my friendly neighbor the Chevron station, the only place in town that is open and doing business, because they have a backup generator.


I’m watching the birds that were apparently somewhat shocked by the event and are hopping about in the bare spots that I made this morning while shoveling paths through about a foot of the white stuff. So far I see Gray-Headed Juncos, a dove, Stellar’s Jays, Red Shafted Flickers, Magpies, a woodpecker, and the flock of Robins that apparently fly in every year just ahead of the last big storm of the season, according to something I read.


It’s warm in the Chevron, and a lot more interesting socially than any local tavern I have known. Which is irrelevant because the local tavern also has no electricity. I really did need a cup of coffee; the Chevron always has coffee, and it’s quit good since the young man is making it now. In fact they always have free coffee, and you can’t top that. The only place open within many miles, working men and travelers need to buy gas, social man-groups collect around the pumps with cups of hot coffee in their cold hands.


160418-ChamaSnow-asc_3975RSs copy 


My mistake was leaving all my matches in the canyon. I might as well have stayed in the canyon for that matter, I came up for the electricity, but here I am with no electricity, and I doubt anyone is plowing the canyon road today. So after cleaning the entire house looking for them, I decided probably someone at the Chevron© would have some matches, and sure enough they gave me one of those little Bic© lighters to light my Sterno© with.


The air is clean today, so I feel right good as long as I sit upwind of the canned heat.


Yes, you guessed it, I did it again, and that’s probably what blew out all of the electricity between here and Espanola. I plugged in my electric heater and the whole shebang went down. When I mentioned to one of the man-groups that they would probably have it all fixed by tomorrow, they rolled their eyes at me.


So much for independence.


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